Future plans and Today’s run

Since last year, I wanted to race a Marathon, so I made my mind to do it this year, more exactly on July 18th there will be the Rio de Janeiro Marathon. I don’t have a plan yet and I haven’t started training officially. I’ve started adding up the miles from this week on.

I haven’t found a plan that goes as long as 7 months, I guess 7 months is a long time to train for a Marathon. I don’t want to wait to start, most online free plans I have found are based on a last race time, I don’t want just to complete the thing, I want to run it under 4 hours, also I’m broke as one can be, sadly I don’t have enough dough to pay for a coach right now. I will post my progress on this blog, I’ll try to post everything from eating, resting and training.

Anyways, I started the so-called “training” this last Sunday (Jan. 3rd). Today was my second training run, it sucked bad! I had a terrible time, it was hot, I didn’t take my usual bottle of cold water, after about 1,3km I had a brilliant idea and decided to sprint a very steep hill to see how I felt, maybe for a possible hill interval session. I don’t need to say that it almost killed me, even though I walked down. I hit it hard, also my HR almost reached my max (220-31=189 is my max). My HR was very high for the rest of the run, I had a horrible run, but I stuck to it, never giving up!

Here are the stats and course I ran. I’ll try for better and cleaner posts next time, I’m dead tired right now, gotta go to bed…


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